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Kenya horticultural exporters contacts

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Correct spacing of mango trees promotes healthy growth and higher yields. Isabella Mbuya, a farmer and retired teacher, derives her livelihood from fruit farming near the Nzaui hill. For Isabella and her family, farming is a worthwhile venture which feeds them and provides a source of income. She and her husband ventured into mango production nearly 20 years ago, armed with the knowledge acquired from tending lemon trees.

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  • Fruitful gains in Kenya’s horticultural sector
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Kenya seeks to boost avocado exports to China

Kenya has a free enterprise economy and the strongest industrial base in the eastern and central African region. It is thus, a sizeable market apart from being a strategic investment, tourist and trading location. As a transport and communications hub for the sub-region, Kenya is also competitive when trading with distant markets such as the USA, Canada, and Australia. Kenya is a member of several commercial and economic organisations which make the country a safe and secure place to do business.

Kenya-German investment activities are further supported by bilateral protocols, especially the double taxation agreement signed between the two countries in , and the Treaty On The Encouragement And Reciprocal Protection Of Investments which came into force on 7th December,Doing business with Kenya is simplified by the establishment of sectoral technical and service support institutions. These organs are well developed with updates and restructuring as necessary to meet the ever emerging challenges.

They help in alleviating unnecessary bottlenecks and bureaucracies that may stifle the process of doing business, touring or investing in Kenya. The Government established these key, professionally run institutions to assist stakeholders in relevant sectors. The organisations include the following: 1 The Kenya Bureau of Standards The Bureau develops, supervises and harmonises standards of goods and services produced in Kenya for both local and international consumption and compliance.

The Bureau also regulates, controls and insures quality compliance of foreign goods entering Kenya while recognising the international standardization procedures and practices. For more information visit www. It is a dependable, effective, efficient and competitive regulatory service which ensures the quality of agricultural inputs and produce. It operates as a hub of a national network embracing various sources of business information.

The organisation is also charged with the responsibility of licensing horticultural exporters. Kenya is a perfect destination for adventure, relaxation, culture and sports. It is touristically endowed with savannah grasslands rich with big and small game, timeless cultures unchanged with the modern world, fascinating beaches and coral reef.

The captivating equatorial forests and a mystery of snow-capped mountains along the Equator. Desert trekkers have a chance together with those who love to enjoy the cool highland retreats. These are the issues Kenya Tourist Board will prove right to our visitors among other secrets of a holiday and safari of a life time. For more information contact KTB at The organisation has since developed investment strategy going into partnership with foreign and domestic private investors in tourism development.

KTDC provides both financial and business advisory services to the investing community in the tourist industry. Hence as a bridge between other development financial institutions and private investors, KTDC mobilizes financial resources form foreign sources to assist the tourism industry. Box Nairobi Tel. The Service therefore, seeks to ensure optimum economic benefit to the Kenyan people through development and promotion of nature tourism. KWS can be a trusted and committed partner in world nature conservation.

Investments in this sector is therefore welcome. For contacts and information: Kenya Wildlife Service P. KIA helps facilitate the approvals, licensing of new investment projects, and organizing investment promotion activities both locally and internationally.

In approving investment projects, KIA works in consultation with respective government authorities to facilitate the acquisition of relevant approvals, licences and permits.

Upon project approval, KIA issues a General Authority Certificate which enables investors to commence immediate implementation of their project while obtaining the required licenses within a period of six months.

The Authority is the one point to visit when intending to invest in Kenya in any sector of the economy. It has a list of project proposals which can readily be taken up by any interested foreign or local investor. The KIA has also listed all the investment opportunities available in Kenya in its databank and website.

Box City Square Nairobi, Kenya. There are a number of non-governmental membership organizations or associations that work closely with the government and international institutions to facilitate business contacts and ease transactions in Kenya. This is an umbrella lobbying body for the business community in Kenya. It advises both the government and business community on the trend of local and international trade. Unlike in Germany where membership to the Chamber by the business organisations is mandatory, the chamber of commerce and industrys membership in Kenya is voluntary.

The one umbrella body with headquarters in Nairobi has countrywide branches in major cities. Its main objective is to promote the horticultural sector by undertaking market intelligence, export promotion, technical support and training of the members. The Council has established stringent code of practice and standards that members must adhere to, including six month continuous farm audits. Importers and exporters depend on the association members to move their goods to the markets. It is a one-stop umbrella association to turn to in case of need to contact any product or service association or individual companies in Kenya.

Any association not introduced in this website can therefore be traced by any investor, trader and service professional or consumer of any sector through KEPSA. Box , Nairobi, Kenya: Tel. Its objective is to drive industrialisation process in Kenya through promotion of competitive local manufacturing in a liberalized market environment. Embassy of Kenya in Germany with accreditation to Bulgaria and Romania.

Doing Business with Kenya.

How a Kenyan Flower Producer Bloomed Through COVID-19

Speaking in Nairobi on Nov 9, Benjamin Tito, the chief executive at Kenya's Directorate of Horticulture, said avocado sales to China generate high returns for Kenya, as they are shipped frozen and, hence, are value-added. And, therefore, local producers are preparing to make more shipments. He added that, in order to meet the expected Chinese demand, cultivation has been expanded beyond central Kenya to other regions, such the country's western region. The Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya's chief executive, Hosea Machuki, said that avocados earn foreign-exchange income for the nation, since the fruit accounts for about a fifth of horticultural exports. He noted that the East African nation possesses huge potential for expanded avocado production by both small-and large-scale farmers and is already one of the world's largest producers.

Speaking in Nairobi on Nov 9, Benjamin Tito, the chief executive at Kenya's Directorate of Horticulture, said avocado sales to China.

Fruitful gains in Kenya’s horticultural sector

Are you interested in testing our corporate solutions? Please do not hesitate to contact me. Additional Information. Figures have been rounded. Conversion to U. Skip to main content Try our corporate solution for free! Single Accounts Corporate Solutions Universities. In , the exports of horticulture and tea from Kenya increased in comparison to the previous year. Main commodity in the Kenyan economy, horticulture generated around billion Kenyan shillings KSh , approximately 1. Loading statistic

Strengthening Agricultural Market Systems in Kenya

There are a lot of horticultural agencies that are involved in the export of French beans and other horticultural products in Kenya. In this article, we will be highlighting some of the best French beans and horticultural exporters in Kenya. You are in the right place if you are a French beans grower with no clue on how to export your products, someone about to venture into horticultural farming especially French beans or probably a potential client who needs horticultural products from Kenya. This involves growing, packaging and exporting produce all over the world. To ensure that they export quality of products, Kenya Fresh trains and empowers growers contracted by them.

Kenya has a free enterprise economy and the strongest industrial base in the eastern and central African region.It is thus, a sizeable market apart from being a strategic investment, tourist and trading location.

The Flower Industry in Kenya

Kenya Horticultural Exporters Ltd has experienced tremendous growth within the industry and is now a market leader in exports to the UK and further afield. Kenya Horticultural Exporters Ltd KHE is a company borne out of humble beginnings, starting its time in the industry as a small-time greengrocer. However, with thanks to an innovative spirit and a drive for progression in , the Company has become one of the most established exporters within the industry today. At that point in time the Company was exporting between 50 and kilos per week of Asian Veg to the UK market. The Dhanani and Patel families have worked together to achieve the success that we see today, including setting up of Wealmoor in the UK by Rati Dhanani, when he decided to emigrate to the UK. The most significant being a partnership with Surexport, a Spanish company to grow raspberries on their behalf and also a tie up with XPOL to market our product profile into the rest of Europe.

Kenya Horticulture Exporters Fight to Secure Markets Amid Pandemic

International Trade Procedures. Market Information. Email: chiefexe brand. Every consignment of horticultural products requires the following documents that are mandatory: -. Phytosanitary Certificate from Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services — issued at the ports of exit after inspection.

Floriculture remains the highest foreign exchange earner in Kenya's exports. Consisting of about 70% of the horticulture export earnings.

Finding Missing Markets: An Agricultural Brokerage Intervention in Kenya

It does so by establishing contacts between the respective and propective business communities and other stake holders by way of organizing trade and investment workshops, holding of exhibitions and participating in national and international trade fairs and exhibitions that are held from time to time. The mission also services commercial and trade enquiries from business people on a daily basis. While the mission will try to provide initial assistance in terms of responding to commercial queries, the following contacts will be useful for obtaining detailed information on specific subjects of interest: Capital Markets Authority CMA Re-Insurance Plaza, Taifa Road Postal Address: P. The Authority ensures the development and maintenance of an appropriate legal and regulatory framework to boost investor confidence, enhance efficiency and to create and maintain a fair and orderly market.

We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. Policy changes supporting this growth include the liberalization of the fertilizer market. Following the removal of price controls and subsidies, increased competition led to lower fertilizer end-prices, triggering a 14 percentage-point increase in adoption rates among smallholders 4. Kenyan policy-makers and agribusiness players continue to prioritize the growth of agricultural exports, both in green beans and other cash crops like avocados.

Grown and nurtured to the highest international standards, Freshly Kenya fruits and vegetables is a Kenya Horticultural Exporters Ltd. Brand KHE.

Biofarms Ltd. The main products are fresh avocado, mango and passion fruits. In addition, the company offers technical support services and inputs to farmers as credit recoverable from produce supplied. The project is increasing avocado production in Biofarms catchment areas of Bomet and Narok through integrating a direct sourcing model from smallholder farmers through cooperatives which will enable the company to acquire increased quantities of export quality avocado. The project The project is increasing avocado production in Biofarms catchment areas of Bomet and Narok through integrating a direct sourcing model from smallholder farmers through cooperatives which will enable the company to acquire increased quantities of export quality avocado. Improving post-harvest handling of produce to ensure quality and increased shelf life of the fruits. This entails establishment of 15 collection centres and acquisition of postharvest handling equipment.

Livestock Principal Secretary Fred Segor and his Industrialisation counterpart Wilson Songa told a joint press conference that the foreign market for animal products and processed goods has remained untapped for long due to lack of first-rate facilities to inspect and approve goods before export to the European market.The two spoke when they attended a steering committee meeting at Serena Hotel for the Standards and Market Access Programme SMAP which is looking into ways to fast track implementation of the project through training of staff, awareness promotion among stakeholders and acquisition of essential equipment to test for chemical levels in foodstuffs before export. Professor Segor said Kenyan goods would only access foreign markets once the SMAP projects comes up with acceptable market standards recognized by the European Union.

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