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Diarrhea: natural remedies to treat yourself

Diarrhea: natural remedies to treat yourself

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Symptom of a digestion disorder often frequent but not serious, the diarrhea disrupts the subject's daily life to the point of becoming a nightmare, as long as it continues.

When not treated quickly and effectively, diarrhea can be a cause of death, especially in developing countries.

According to key figures published by the World Health Organization, it is the second leading cause of infant mortality and, more particularly those under 5 years of which 18% are concerned.
This is not the case in industrialized countries.

There are several manifestations of diarrhea, related to their causes or origins. But before what are the warning signs ? Can we relieve this transit disorder plants ? How to proceed ?
Overview …

Diarrhea: what should you know?

The diarrhea is defined as the issuance of stool too much softor even consistency liquid. These stools are usually abundant and more many than usual (i.e. more than 3 stools over 300 grams per day). They can be followed by blood or from phlegm, as well as others symptoms.

This transit disorder can last 1 or 2 days and then decrease or even disappear without special treatment.

Different types of diarrhea and symptoms

In some cases of diarrhea, stool is emitted as "water" or a clear liquid.

They are often accompanied by intestinal cramps and of pains and in some cases cold sweat and of chills.

There are several types of diarrhea including:

- the acute diarrhea characterized by watery stool followed by colic, headache, muscle pain and sometimes transient fever.

- the diarrhea classified as chronic when the duration is greater than 4 weeks.
The symptoms of this type of diarrhea are among others, lymph nodes, vomiting, greasy stools, fever, less frequent urination, edema of the lower limbs and a deterioration of the general condition of the subject followed by weight loss.

We are also talking about:

- The tourist (or traveler's diarrhea), of infectious origin usually food.

- "false diarrhea "Grouping together" liver crisis "or indigestion, constipated diarrhea, anal incontinence, athlete's diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome.

Origins and causes of diarrhea

For some types of diarrhea, the causes are more easily identified than others.
We will therefore briefly note that:

- acute diarrhea is triggered in cases of bacterial or viral gastroenteritis, pseudomembranous colitis (very severe inflammation of the colon), food poisoning individual or collective, infectionsparasitic s organ infections that can affect the digestive tract (appendicitis, peritonitis, endometriosis), gluten intolerance, some treatments antibiotics that affect the intestinal flora, not to mention anxiety or other sources of intense emotions (exams ...).

When it comes to ingesting a food (cold meats or dairy products) containing a bacteria or toxin, diarrhea appears a few hours later, followed by nausea, vomiting and fever.

These types of diarrhea are therefore attributable to viruses (enterovirus), germs (colibacilli, salmonella), or even parasites (amoeba).

  • the chronic diarrhea arise from multiple causes and origins due to the pathologies and mechanisms that trigger them.
    They can be caused by taking laxatives, theacceleration of intestinal transit, microscopic colitis, poorly digested food, inflammatory diseases chronic intestines, "leakage" of blood components through the digestive tract, and in very rare cases an effusion of gastric secretions in the digestive tract.

When diarrhea is treated naturally

Followers of natural treatments, did you know that diarrhea can also be treated in this way? Here is how diarrhea can be treated naturally:

  • Brambles

Present in the undergrowth, growing in hedges along the edge and sometimes even at the edge of country roads, brambles are small shrubs with thorns, whose virtues are beneficial for diarrhea. *

In fact, brambles are often indicated in cases of treatment of chronic diarrhea because of anti-diarrheal properties that they own. A precious plant, its fruits, leaves and roots therefore have curative virtues unsuspected.

To relieve you, a infusion or tisane of brambles is indicated.

To do this, in a suitable container, bring water to a boil. Add dried leaves of brambles (1 teaspoon of dried leaves for 200 ml of water) then, let stand for about 10 minutes. Drink this 3 times a day until your symptoms are completely gone.

  • Lady's mantle

Perennial plant whose virtues of its leaves are well known in herbal medicine, thelady's mantle acts on the digestive tract thanks to its tonic virtues helping the tissues to tighten, and those anti-diarrheal. This medicinal plant registered on the list of the French pharmacopoeia, therefore increases the risk of constipation. Discover the benefits and virtues of lady's mantle for health

To relieve you of a mild diarrhea, prepare one infusion with 2 to 4.5 g of dried leaves infused in 200 ml of water. Drink 2 to 3 cups a day until symptoms subside.

  • Blackcurrant

The anti-diarrheal benefits of Cassis reside in the pectins contained in its berries. To relieve a diarrhea slight, it is recommended to consume it in the form of juice.

In cure of mother tincture of buds: take 30 to 50 drops, 3 times a day.

In decoction : drink 1/2 glass of blackcurrant juice, 2 to 3 times a day (corn, before 5 p.m.).

Good to know

Very often the dehydration is the immediate consequence of diarrhea due to excessive loss of water and mineral salts through the stool. Patients, especially children and the elderly, therefore, should hydrate well.

Treatment of turista is the same as that of acute diarrhea. However, it is essential to impose simple hygienic rules, namely: cook, boil or peel food thoroughly before consuming it.

Taking Cassis East not recommended to the pregnant women.

As for thelady's mantle, it must be taken with a lot of precaution for people under oral contraceptive.

These tips are not a substitute for a doctor's advice or pharmacist, especially if the symptoms manifest on a long duration in sintensifying.

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