Water games in the garden

Water games in the garden

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Refreshing waterfall, dancing jets or animated sculptures: the water games are a real plus in the garden, where they bring freshness and calm.

Old rustic stones or modern shapes: the options are numerous and adapt to all spaces, even small ones.

Water games in the garden

Install a fountain in the garden allows you to quickly bring a touch of sophistication or originality. The choice of models is wide, there is something for all tastes and all DIY skills! In large gardens, wall or central stone fountains are particularly aesthetic, but their installation requires some mastery of masonry or calling in a professional.

If you have a pool, a system of one or more water jets connected to a submersible pump will be particularly spectacular. Some models are equipped with LEDs that light up at night changing colors; others are powered by a solar panel, which saves energy, eliminates the need for hook-ups and turns off the jets automatically when night falls!

Mini gardens and balconies

If your space is limited, opt for a compact and low-noise model, to be placed directly on a hard surface (terrace or concrete slab). Easy to install, water games in kit on sale in garden centers offer a whole range of shapes that have their effect. You will find very decorative products in the form of stone spheres on which water flows, pebble pyramids, multi-storey fountains ...

These relatively easy to install products do not have no need for water. They operate in a closed circuit thanks to a pump and filter system that keeps the water clear. It is therefore only necessary to provide a power supply nearby and to be able to bury the cable.

You can also improvise a small water point by immersing in a waterproof container (barrel, stoneware or ceramic pot) a solar pump system with jet. Complete with a few aquatic plants - floating or installed in baskets hung on the ledge - and voila!

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