Lemon tree and watering: frequency, need and application of fertilizer

Lemon tree and watering: frequency, need and application of fertilizer

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Watering the lemon tree is an important element to ensure good growth throughout the seasons but also to facilitate flowering, fruiting and therefore harvesting lemons.

Whether in spring, summer or fall, here are the simple steps to properly water your lemon tree

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Watering the lemon tree

The water needs of the lemon its relatively large, especially when grown in containers.

Indeed, the lemon tree in pot cannot fetch water from the ground when heat-related evaporation is much greater than that contained in the earth.

Watering the lemon tree in the ground:

Water requirements mainly occur during the first year after planting. Water almost daily for the first year.

Then, only in the event of strong heat or prolonged drought, water the lemon tree preferably in the evening, without excess but regularly.

You can add citrus fertilizer several times a year to improve flowering, fruiting and growth of lemons.

When watering, always avoid wetting the leaves so as not to cause fungal diseases.

Watering the lemon tree in a pot:

In pots, the lemon tree has much greater water requirements because water evaporates much faster and water tends to reach the bottom of the pot.

It is therefore advisable to water regularly, as soon as the soil touches the surface. It is quite possible, in hot weather, to water almost every day.

The fertilizer input in the potted lemon tree is all the more important as the nutrients disappear much faster.

In pots, the soil becomes depleted quickly and this shortage must be filled by adding fertilizer once or twice a month.

Obviously, in winter, it is reasonable to suppress any fertilizer and reduce watering to the bare minimum.

Also be careful never to stagnate at the bottom of the pot, even at the level of the saucer.

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