Persimmon, a colorful fruit to brighten up winter

Persimmon, a colorful fruit to brighten up winter

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There are two main types of persimmon on our shelves: persimmon-apple and persimmon with astringent flesh.

They represent a touch of color on winter stalls.

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Cultivated from Japan to the south of France

If we do not know the khaki in Europe since the 19th century, persimmon fruit cultivation has existed in Japan and China since the Neolithic period. Persimmon is also considered in the Land of the Rising Sun as the national fruit. It is traditionally tasted during the New Year celebrations.

In 1873, Parisians discovered its fragrant flesh at a time when Japanese prints were popular. Via the port of Toulon, its culture is developing rapidly throughout Provence.

The varieties from the Canet or Marseille orchards are still very popular today.

The persimmon-apple, recognizable by its orange skin

Also called firm-fleshed persimmon, this category of the fruit is the most well-known. We find, under this name, different varieties, such as Fuyu with a vanilla flavor or Sharon, produced in Israel.

When buying it, opt for a khaki with smooth, unblemished skin. Pay attention to the fruit stalk which must be intact. Persimmon and apple will keep for about a week, in the open air or in the refrigerator.

In general, it is eaten raw, when ripe. However, it can also be used in hot preparations such as compotes, for example. Care is then taken to subject the fruit to gentle cooking in order to retain its taste and nutritional qualities.

More fragile, persimmon with astringent flesh

You can recognize him by his red, even brown skin. In this case, it is a sign of maturity and the assurance of a sweet taste. More delicate because of its thin skin, the khaki with astringent flesh should be handled with care and consumed as soon as possible. It will only keep for a day or two at room temperature.

It is proving to be an ally of food diversification in a season when fruits and vegetables are scarce. A good source of vitamin C, persimmon brings a boost to face the freshness of the exterior. Its high fiber content also stimulates intestinal transit. Finally, the carotenoid pigments it contains have a strong antioxidant power.


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