Cherry tomatoes: summer flavor

The cherry tomato is easy to grow and the harvest is often abundant.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lycopersicon esculentum
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Vegetable

: 80 to 140 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Light, quite rich

Harvest : Summer, leave to mature on the stalk

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From sowing to harvest, every maintenance gesture is important for having beautiful cherry tomatoes.

Growing cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomato is one of the easiest fruits / vegetables to grow because it grows quickly.

It is grown both in soil and in pots on balconies or terraces and can be harvested throughout the summer.

Cherry tomato seedlings:

  • Consult our tomato sowing sheet and get started February March.
  • This method is longer, but it is easy to do and the harvest is second to none.

Planting small cherry tomato plants:

  • The purchase ofpotted cherry tomatoes, takes place at spring or to early summer.
  • Choose a location sunny and rather sheltered from the wind.
  • Respect a space of about 80 cm between each plant.
  • Secure the cherry tomatoes on a tomato stand.
  • Bring a tomato fertilizer Once or twice a month, it greatly improves the harvest.

Caring for cherry tomatoes

Growing cherry tomatoes is not very complicated, but a few maintenance steps will help you improve the harvest.

Good exposure of the fruits to light should be favored.

  • Remove shoots (called “suckers”) that develop at the junction between a leaf and the stem.
    These "greedy" draw a lot of sap and it is always to the detriment of the growth of cherry tomatoes.
  • When the plant has reached its maximum height, prune the head, leaving about 5 groups of leaves.

Sick cherry tomato

Cherry tomatoes are prone to certain diseases such as mildew and powdery mildew, but also to aphid attacks.

Here are the links to help you deal with an infection.

  • Downy mildew: brown spots on the leaves
  • Powdery mildew: A white felting settles on the leaves
  • Aphids: Insects on leaves and stems, leaves curl

Harvesting cherry tomatoes

Harvesting of cherry tomatoes takes place from early summer and usually until late autumn or a little earlier depending on the region.

  • The cherry tomato is picked when it is well colored, usually 4 to 5 months after sowing
  • You can pick them and ripen them in your garage or on a window border.
  • With the still green tomatoes, make a delicious green tomato jam

Cherry tomatoes grow throughout the summer, so it is recommended that you harvest them as you need them and eat them quickly.

Storing cherry tomatoes:

  • Put them in the refrigerator at all costs. Tomatoes keep much better in a place at moderate temperature.
  • The best thing is to eat cherry tomatoes right after picking them, this is when they are best.

All you need to know about cherry tomatoes

Easy to grow and only requires low maintenance, which makes it one of everyone's favorite vegetable plants

The cherry tomato is one variety of the tomato, among many.

We appreciate it for its small size and its pronounced taste, particularly as an aperitif for its practicality, but also in salads with a drizzle of olive oil and a few basil leaves.

The tomato is one of the most important vegetables most cultivated in the world.

In the vegetable patch or in the garden, but also on a balcony or a terrace, this plant will also have the advantage of being very decorative.

Smart tip

A fertilizing mulch of the cocoa shell type will be perfect for your tomato plantations!

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