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Abélia: pretty little flowering shrub

Abélia: pretty little flowering shrub

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Abelia is a beautiful shrub that offers pretty blooms in summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Abelia
: Caprifoliaceae

Height: 1.5 to 2m
Exhibition: Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage: Semi-persistent or persistent -Flowering: June to September

Small in size, it is ideal for small gardens and in pots for terraces. Here are all the tips for a successful abelia growth.

Planting the abelia

Planting abelia can be done without distinction, in the fall or in the spring. However, it is when planting in the fall that the recovery is easiest.

Choose a location of preference sheltered and sunny because the abelia prefers the sun to bloom

  • In soil, it needs light, well-drained soil and above all, not too wet
  • The culture ofabelia in pot is possible but it is necessary to plan a repotting every 2 to 3 years and a regular pruning to contain the growth.
  • Follow our advice on planting shrubs.

Abelia cutting:

The easiest and fastest technique to propagate an abelia is cuttings.

  • The abelia cuttings are in the summer
  • Take the 15 cm cuttings from semi-hardened wood (i.e. not yet completely hard)
  • Remove the bottom leaves to keep only one or 2 pair (s) of leaves
  • Prick the cuttings in special cutting soil
  • Place the cuttings in the light but without direct sunlight
  • Keep the substrate slightly damp and protect the cuttings from frost in winter
  • Transplant the following spring

Pruning and caring for abelia

Small, easily accessible shrub, its maintenance is limited, especially when properly installed.

Size is not essential, but it can be useful to maintain a pretty port.

Properly prune an abelia:

To properly prune an abelia, one can consider that an annual pruning promotes the growth and flowering of the shrub.

The cut can be frank and thus allow it to retain a compact habit and dense foliage

  • It is necessary cut to shape that you want to give it.

Very resistant to most diseases and pests, you do not normally need to process.

Watering tips:

Watering in summer, rather in the evening to avoid evaporation and only during the first 2 years or in case of prolonged drought

To know about the abelia

Abelia is a beautiful evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub which blooms from June to September, but can also flower longer depending on climatic conditions.

  • Abelia will be in full bloom in mid-summer.
  • The flowers range from pinkish white to white pure depending on the variety you choose.

There exists a thirty species of Abelia most of which has evergreen foliage.

From most common varietiess, we find theAbelia Chinensis, Abelia Floribunda or even Abelia Grandiflora.

Abelia is mainly used for the creation of low hedges.

The Abelia can be used as a hedge shrub up to a meter high, in a pot on a terrace or balcony where its small size will allow it to stay in place.

Vegetable mulching is recommended in winter to protect the roots against frost, especially for potted abelia.

Smart tip

Mulching at the foot of the abelia saves 1 in 2 waterings but also limits the growth of weeds.

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