The pleasure of tomatoes from the garden

The pleasure of tomatoes from the garden

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Munching on the juicy, fragrant flesh of a tomato you've grown is within reach if you have some space in the kitchen garden.

There is a very wide variety of tomatoes, different shapes, colors and flavors. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of multicolored salads: plant several species in the garden!

All share the same taste for the sun and for a rich soil, because tomatoes are greedy fruits. Reserve the best exposed area of ​​the vegetable garden for them, which you will enrich before planting with a good dose of compost.

Placing the tomatoes

Whether you have chosen to grow your plants through seedlings or you opt for plants in pots, the establishment in the garden will only be done in mid-May, after the famous Ice Saints, which mark the end of the risk of frost.

Bury the bottom of the stems on several centimeters to promote recovery and install the stakes. It is advisable to space the plants 50 cm apart and leave one meter between each row.

Cover your boards with heavy mulch. During their growth, you will need to train the plants and "pinch" them, that is to say remove certain side shoots, the "greedy", in order to promote the development of the fruits.

Tomato varieties

Among the tastiest and most productive varieties we find

> the"Pineapple", with sweet orange fruits; > Growing pineapple tomatoes

> the "Rose of Bern", not very sensitive to mildew or

> the "Russian", with large fragrant fruits.

> the Crimean Black, dark dress

Not to mention the cherry tomatoes, delicious as an aperitif and easy to grow in pots on the balcony.

Go for the classic " Red cherry " or, to vary the colors, cultivate the delicious "Black cherry" and "Green grape".

Watering tomatoes

In the summer, water your tomato plants generously (count two to three liters of water per plant) once a week, twice if the weather is dry.

Be careful not to wet the leaves as this promotes disease development. In case of mildew, tear off the contaminated leaves and, if the weather remains rainy, shelter your plants in a tunnel or frame.

Stop watering when the fruits turn red, to enhance their flavor on the plate.

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