Choosing the rat as a pet

Choosing the rat as a pet

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Yes ! Yes ! the domestic rat is one of the most popular new pets (NAC) among the French. He owes this resounding success to the film "Ratatouille" in which we follow the story of a young rat passionate about cooking.

Here's why this rodent is such a friendly pet.

The rat, a companion for all!

Ratophiles will confirm that the pet rat or Rattus norvegicus has nothing to do with its counterpart the black rat or Rattus rattus associated with the Black Death.

From the line of the brown rat, the domestic rat is bred in captivity and does not transmit any disease.

Very quickly tamed, easy to handle and surprisingly intelligent, this animal is suitable for all profiles. Children and adults alike will be fascinated.

Great qualities in a small body

If you are looking for a sociable animal for share complicity, games and affection, the rat will perfectly fulfill your specifications. It has all these assets in a small body that weighs 250 g to 500 grams and measures between 35 and 50 cmincluding tail.

A formidable character:

Gregarious animal ultimate, the rat loves the company of his fellows, but not that ... He is one exemplary fidelity with his human.

Terribly affectionate, nothing pleases him more than curling up against you by cracking or grinding his teeth with pleasure (equivalent to the purring of the cat).

And what joy to observe his daily jokes!

  • Ingenious, he soaks his tail in any liquid that interests him (orange juice, etc.) and then licks it to collect the precious nectar.
  • Curious, he takes pleasure in breaking the shell of hard-boiled eggs before reveling in the white and the yolk, a source of protein very interesting for his health.
  • Fearless and confident, a little bike ride perched on one shoulder or tucked away in a sweater delights him… and his human too!

Male or female ?

The male is calm and cuddly while the female is curious, playful and less fragrant.

In any case, it is advisable to go find your domestic rat in a failure to have a subject that is socialized and imbued with humans. The prices are between 10 and 20 euros.

In addition, it avoids the inconvenience of adopting a pregnant female. Eh yes ! the spleen can reproduce from the age of 6 weeks with 10 pups per litter and 6 times per year on average. Fertilizes the first year of her life, she can mate again after each birth.

A commitment limited in time:

If you do not want to commit to 15 years (dog and cat), know that the rat has an average life expectancy of 3 years.

Easy maintenance

No forced ride in the rain, when it is hot or when it is cold with your rat.

Although it is possible to walk it outside with a harness, a well-appointed bird aviary, space to stretch its paws and your affection is enough to make it happy.

No special care for this little companion, he spends a lot of time washing himself.

However, his airways are fragile. It should not be exposed to cigarette smoke or drafts. A litter without wood chips or dust to line the bottom of its cage is preferable. Hemp is a good alternative.

Crepuscular animal, he knows how to wait for the return of his human. Offer him one or more companions of the same sex and his happiness will be total.

Rat dietdomestic:

The rat is omnivorous (with a granivorous tendency). Its digestive system is designed to eat all foods with a protein requirement of 15% and fat of 4%.

Chocolate, citrus fruits, and alcohol are toxic to rats.

Smart advice

It should be given a special rat food supplemented with fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese and starchy foods in small quantities to avoid any digestive problems. Monsieur the rat is an opportunist and a foodie!


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