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Tomato `` Cœur de boeuf '': planting and maintenance

Tomato `` Cœur de boeuf '': planting and maintenance

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If I tell you about a fruit from the vegetable garden cordiform, to the strong flavor and at the firm flesh.

In principle, you should have in mind the 'Beef heart' tomato whose particular shape marks both memories and taste.

Origins and characteristics

If the original tomato comes to us from South America, the 'Beef heart' tomato, she is fromItaly. Despite multiple names (‘Beefsteak’ among the Anglo-Saxons, ‘Cuor di buo’ for the Italians); all the characteristics which make it an extraordinary tomato remain the same:

  • a unique heart shape;
  • juicy, smooth-skinned fruit of generous size;
  • a tender flesh, almost seedless and slightly sweet.

Planting the beef heart tomato

The sowing is carried out in April, while the planting by itself takes place may's beginning.


Sowing the ‘Cœur de boeuf’ is prepared 24 hours in advance. It is indeed necessary that the seeds soak during this time to facilitate germination.

Once prepared, all that's left is disseminate seeds in a mixture of potting soil and sand.

When the plants have two cotyledons (leaves), transplant them in buckets. At each stage, culture must be protected from late frosts.

Once mature, you can then plant your subjects in full ground.

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Plantation of "Beef heart":

The planting of a tomato plant is simple:

  • dig a fairly deep hole (20 cm);
  • place the plant at a slight incline;
  • bury it by covering the base of the stem up to the first leaves;
  • water abundantly without touching the foliage.

Culture and maintenance

Here are the steps to follow to have a beautiful belles Cœur de bœuf ’:

  • a watering at regular foot (be careful not to wet the leaves);
  • straw the feet to retain moisture;
  • fray (but not too much) your plants from the end of August in order to facilitate the ripening of the fruits.
  • The 'Coeur de boeuf' deserves to be guarded.

To go further in the cultivation of tomatoes

Harvest and conservation

You will be able to start gather the 'Cœur de boeuf' tomatoes from the mid-July and this until mid-October.

Once harvested, they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 to 6 days. However, if you want to take full advantage of their vitamins and minerals, it is advisable to take them consume quickly after picking them.

Diseases and pests

The 'Beef heart' tomato may be the target of moth caterpillars and whiteflies (or white flies). On the disease side, like many varieties of tomatoes, "Cœur de boeuf" is susceptible to downy mildew.

Beef heart in the kitchen

“Beef Heart” can be cooked in several different ways. Indeed, its flesh rich in taste is ideal for making salads, gazpacho, soups see stuffed tomatoes.

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