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Burdock: therapeutic virtues

Burdock: therapeutic virtues

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Biennial plant coming from Asia, America and Europe (except in the Mediterranean), burdock grows particularly on freshly cultivated land,

along roadsides and even in abandoned vacant lots. It is very widespread in Quebec.

Belonging to the Asteraceae family (Asteraceae), burdock is a plant that can reach 2 meters in height. It can be identified by its fleshy and 50 cm long root. It presents purple flowers or purple in bunches, fur on the underside, large leaves heart-shaped and a long petiole.

Burdock: for the record

The word burdock has its origins in ancient etymology and the French one.
Indeed, the Latin name “Arctium lappa” of burdock comes from:

- "arctium" which itself comes from the Greek "Arktos" which means "sea urchin", certainly because of the appearance of its head or inflorescence.

- from "lappa" which comes from the Greek "lambanô" which means "to seize", "I hang on".

In short, this is a name given to fruits "which cling to clothes".

As for its etymology in French language, the burdock draws the meaning of the name "scraper" from its fruits grouped into small armed balls and its hooks or beards which cling to animal furs (cat's tail, dog), to clothes or even to hair .

An “intelligent” plant, it spreads its seeds in 3 different ways:

- either its fruits remain on the stem and then open to spread their seeds
- either its fruits are grouped together in squads and, on the ground, let themselves be carried away by the wind
- or its fruits cling to animal furs, hair or clothing.

They are therefore transported far from their place of origin and then, through competitiveness, manage to invade other plant species in unlikely places.

Burdock: a plant with various names

Particularly appreciated by donkeys, zebras and horses, burdock also called "donkey cabbage" or even "giant's ears" (for the impressive size of its leaves), has been given various names from the most romantic to the most improbable. : lovers (because we can't seem to part with them), wild rhubarb, glouteron, graquias, bourrier, péterolle, artichoke, raptor, choubourrache, toques and even “devil's tobacco”!

Burdock: health benefits and therapeutic uses

Whatever name is given to it, this virtuous plant is known for its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic diseases of scalp and some skin.

Hence its French name "herb with teigneux"!

In general, multiple are the therapeutic virtues attributed to burdock:

detoxifying, purifying, burdock prevents skin ailments by stimulating the eliminating functions of the kidneys and liver.

his softening properties would relieve different types ofinflammation and of itching, without forgetting the rheumatic pain, intestinal and thearthritis.

Case by case,

- in Europe, burdock is a medicinal plant whose attributes are not exhaustive: diuretic, antibiotic, sudorific, antidiabetic, anti-venous, topical, choleretic, "ringworm" is of course used to treat ringworm, but also the drop, theanthrax, theacne, the measles, theeczema, the dermatosis, the urinary stones dental abscesses and of throat, the wounds, the viper bites, the rheumatism, the chronic lung conditions, the colds trailing, the furunculosis and the diabetes (because of its richness in inulin).

In terms of its roots, once cut and cooked, it serves as a treatment againstanemia.

Whether in infusions, capsules, powders, tinctures, decoctions, excerpts, poultices, ointments, the therapeutic virtues of burdock are varied.

Today, burdock has entered the organic cosmetics.
Its fresh leaves are used in the manufacture of lotion intended for hair care, because they prevent the Hair loss.

- in oriental medicine, in the form of tisane, burdock seeds are used to treat fatigue, diseases of the digestive system (stomach cramps), the breast tumors
As for its juice, its virtues are recognized to treat theappendicitis.

Virtues and gastronomy of burdock

In Europe, these are the young leaves, the leaf stalks of the burdock are eaten cooked or raw.

Among Native Americans, the consumption of the cooked leaves or the dried roots in a soup were recently introduced in their diet.

In Japan, on the other hand, the less bitter and much more tender varieties of burdock are eaten as vegetables, in association with the parsnip, the carrot or the salsify.

Note that the burdock infusion can be taken instead of a coffee.

Burdock:Advice, dosage and practical tips

Once the roots and leaves have been collected and crushed, it is advisable to put them in a container on the fire.

Then, pass the preparation thus obtained in a clean cloth and, use it as poultice to treat skin problems (psoriasis, eczema).

Against skin problems includingacne or other skin infections, prepare 1.6 to 2.4 grams of mother tincture in a glass of water. Drink it 3 times a day.

The use ofburdock extracts is also recommended in dermatology.
They are present in some lotions and creams.

In infusion, it is advisable to prepare 3 to 6 g per cup of burdock roots and leaves, in half a liter of water. Let it sit then drink it 3 times a day.

This preparation can be consumed as a drink or even applied to the skin.

Good to know about burdock

Note that once the burdock root is cut, it oxidizes very quickly.

This is why it is recommended to macerate the root pieces in very cold water and leave to stand for a few minutes.

For a perfect result, the respect of the dosages is essential.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor immediately. doctor.



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