Bordeaux mixture: an effective treatment

Bordeaux mixture: an effective treatment

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Bordeaux mixture is an effective fungicide treatment product authorized in organic farming.

It is widely used for the treatment of plants, vegetables or fruit trees in the garden.

Compliance with the doses and use of this product is nevertheless necessary in order not to contaminate nature.

In summary, what you need to know:

Interest, use : Fungicide, algaecide
Composition : Water, copper sulphate and lime
Main plants concerned : Vine, fruit trees, potatoes, tomatoes

What is Bordeaux mixture?

It's a fungicide blue in color based on copper sulphate and lime.

It is preferably used as a spray and is used to fight against most forms of fungal diseases, i.e. fungi and commonly used against downy mildew, scab, fruit blister, cankers or even moniliosis.

The dose to respect must be between 10 and 20g per liter of water and above all should not be exceeded.

When to use Bordeaux mixture?

The first Bordeaux mixture treatment takes place at the end of winterr. It is at this time, during the great winter cleaning, that we will eliminate the fungi that have overwintered in the middle of the vegetation.

It is commonly used in spring, when diseases develop.

  • When the weather is hot and the humidity still present, fungi tend to thrive.

Bordeaux mixture can also be used in autumn, after the leaves have fallen.

By spraying at this time, the disease concerned will not spend the winter in the garden.

  • It is important to destroy any diseased leaves that have fallen to the ground beforehand.
  • The Bordeaux mixture can then be sprayed over the entire branches, the trunk and possibly the surrounding areas.

Use whenever you have to fight preventively against fungal diseases (fungi).

We mainly find:

  • mildew,
  • scab,
  • peach blister
  • chancre.
  • fruit rot, moniliosis

It is almost useless to spray porridge when the fungus has already appeared because its effect is above all preventive.

But it can be considered that spraying when the disease has appeared can limit its development.

Use of Bordeaux mixture

Fruit trees :

We treat with Bordeaux mixture preventively, in autumn when the leaves fall.

We renew the treatment at the end of winter after pruning to protect the wounds from fungus.

  • Start with picking up the dead leaves then burn them before spraying with Bordeaux mixture.
  • In late winter or very early spring, just before the first buds appear.
  • In both cases, it is strongly recommended to repeat the operation 2 to 3 times, 15 days apart.
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Potato, tomato and strawberry:

From the month of may, at the rate of one spray every 15 days.

This treatment is essential because these vegetables are the most sensitive to mildew and contamination could condemn the harvest.

  • Stop the treatment a few weeks before harvest.
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Vine :

She is very susceptible to mildew and therefore deserves systematic treatment in spring and fall.

This is where its name "Bordeaux" comes from.

Treatment must begin from April and extend to end of july with a spray of mixture every two weeks and systematically after a heavy rainy period.

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Although allowed in organic farming, it is strongly recommended not to exceed the prescribed doses.

Also avoid too frequent use, because in this case it would become an element of contamination.

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