How to arrange a cheap garden?

How to arrange a cheap garden?

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Terrace, hedge, plants, lawn, furniture ... The landscaping of the garden can be expensive, especially when you become an owner.

Small urban garden or large garden, do not hesitate to enjoy a beautiful exterior to your liking.

Become a landscaping pro with these few tips for arranging an inexpensive garden.

Perennials and grasses

A tree is expensive! In your inexpensive outdoor space, opt instead on plants such as perennials and grasses. They are not very expensive and offer nice contrasts. The stipas and pennisetum reveal golden, wavy foliage, while the Muhlenbergia capillaris stands out with its wispy pink plumes. Add a few perennials that grow back every year like coneflowers or agapanthus.

These associations will form pretty plant associations but will not provide a shade like a tree. Choose from a shade cloth that remains affordable and will hide you from the scorching sun in summer.

Bulky plants

If you buy small plants like phlox, forming flower cushions, you will multiply the price of your bed because you will have to buy a lot to fill it.

There are two solutions available to you to avoid this: choose large plant varieties or opt for a ground cover that will naturally expand horizontally.

A cool, rather shaded area can be planted with perennial geraniums. The latter quickly grows and is covered with small single pink to blue flowers between May and October depending on the variety chosen. Conversely in the sun, think of the acanthus! This large perennial is distinguished by XXL foliage and huge flowering spikes.

Garden furniture and pallet furniture

Recycling: nothing like it for arranging your garden inexpensively! With pallets you can do almost anything with regard to garden furniture.

To build a garden furniture is easy. You just have to stack two whole pallets to form the seat. For the backrest, if you don't have a wall behind it, place more pallets vertically and secure them to the seat by screwing them on. All you have to do is sand, polish and cover with cushions. For the coffee table, you can use an intact pallet by giving it casters. To avoid holes in the table, use boards from a second pallet to fill them in.

Sow your grass

When you dream of a green lawn to stretch out and watch your children run, there are two possibilities. Either we buy lawn rolls or we sow seeds.

The second option is much cheaper but requires a little patience. A few weeks before sowing, you should start by loosening the soil 15cm by turning it over with a spade. Then, pebbles, roots and weeds are removed before raking. Broadcast then sow, being careful that there are seeds everywhere. All you have to do is pass a lawn roller and keep the soil moist until the emergence!

A cozy terrace

We avoid natural stone or exotic wood which have a high cost.

For the wooden terrace, choose pine instead, which has the advantage of being European! In addition to preventing your deck boards from crossing the world, you can choose the color you like by using a protective varnish.

For a more modern style, opt for polished concrete which is easy to maintain and does not damage.

A lower cost hedge

The purchase of shrubs can quickly become expensive for planting a hedge, especially if it is long. In this case, it is better to choose small subjects which will be much cheaper but which have a rapid growth.

Eleagnus, Photinia and Privet are evergreen, fast growing species ideal for demarcating your property. If you want a flowering hedge, bet on a Japanese hornwort or a syringe. Note that many garden centers offer sliding scale prices depending on the quantity of shrubs purchased.

You can also count on tall grasses like miscanthus or pampas grass to make an inexpensive hedge. The latter grows rapidly, offers large ears that peak between 1m and 5m high and hide you from prying eyes.

As a bonus: Do not hesitate to take cuttings to propagate your own plants for free! And why not make exchanges with the neighbor?

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