How to clean your dog's ears?

How to clean your dog's ears?

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Cleaning regular ears of your pooch is essential. It prevents the accumulation of dirt or earwax in the ear canal and all the complications that could cause him to lose his hearing.

Here's how to clean your dog's ears with the right products and the right actions.

Why clean your dog's ears?

Your dog's ear is a humid, warm and protected place. Therefore, this cozy nest is ideal for sheltering redness, ear infections, bacterial infections, dermatitis, external parasites (ticks and fleas) and spikelet. Without regular cleaning, your dog is therefore likely to develop very painful ear diseases and to lose use of this particularly developed and important sense.

What to clean them with?

You must have all the accessories and useful products at hand, taking into account the morphology of your dog's ears (drooping, hairy, etc.).

  • Sterile compresses or cotton squares Pads (because they do not lint).
  • Tweezers and a tick hook.
  • A frame brush to remove excess hair.
  • A pair of scissors or a clipper.
  • Paper tissues.
  • Ear care for veterinary use in the form of an aqueous lotion or milk (Virbac Epi-Otic, Otifree or Biocanina brand for example).

💡The little trick

The promise of a treat helps to intervene in this sensitive and fragile area. If this is not the case, the dog should be muzzled with a tie to ensure your safety.

How to clean the dog's ears?

Before any ear care application, an inspection of the pinna and ear canal is essential to detect any abnormalities. And for dogs with floppy ears that are very hairy (cocker spaniel, Cavalier King Charles, etc.), the hair should be carefully brushed, even cut or clipped.

  • First, to make sure everything is fine, pull the tip of the ear out and turn it over to clear the ear cavity.
  • Second, untangle the bristles with the frame brush or cut off any troublesome bristles so that you can do a general ear examination.
  • If your dog experiences redness, black or purulent discharge, a foul odor, or a very aggressive reaction, forego cleaning and see a veterinarian promptly.
  • If everything looks normal, you can move on to the cleaning step.

With the right gestures

When the ear cavity is clear, handling is very simple:

  • To start, pour a few drops of the product into the dog's ear canal.
  • Then using your thumb and forefinger, make the ear take the shape of a funnel and massage it gently to loosen the impurities and earwax.
  • Then, with the compress or the square of cotton Pad, clean the pinna and the ear canal.
  • Finally, dry the ear with a tissue.

Frequency of cleaning:

Generally, monthly maintenance is sufficient. However, some dog breeds need more careful monitoring because their ears are predisposed to be more vulnerable.

  • The cocker spaniel and the hunting dogs, because their ears are hanging down.
  • The German Shepherd, because his ear canal is very long.
  • The poodle and the bichon (Frize and Maltese), because their hair on the ears is very abundant.
  • Labrador, because it secretes a lot of earwax.
  • Brachycephalic breeds (boxer, French bulldog, etc.), because they tend to develop dermatitis and food allergies.

Smart tip

When traveling with your dog, use wipes soaked in ear solution to clean your dog's ears. This is handy while waiting for more in-depth treatment!


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