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Looking for a way to showcase your indoor garden and breathe new life into your home? Hanging planters are the perfect solution for adding lush, green interest and beauty to every nook and cranny of your house or apartment. Incorporating plants into your home can serve more than just a decorative purpose. Did you know that indoor plants provide more oxygen, serve as a natural humidifier, and reduce levels of some pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide?

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Gorgeous Indoor Planter Ideas

All our recommendations will fit any budget. Drainage plug: Overwatering is the main cause of indoor plant mortality. However, with a drainage plug installed, you can allow excess water to flow out and keep your plants at an optimal level of hydration. Frost and UV resistant: These indoor pot planters have been carefully and professionally made with durability in mind. Made with frost and UV resistant material, you can enjoy growing healthy plants for longer.

Hand-made of fiber stone: Carefully crafted with an exterior of stone and a fiberglass enforced inside. We promise a strong, durable plant pot that has the appearance of ceramic yet is surprisingly lightweight. However, given the size and quality it is still reasonable — and you get value for money.

Lightweight and yet strong: The main difference between an outdoor garden and the indoor, is the constant need to keep rearranging items indoors.

And that includes your indoor plants. This planter makes it easy to move around without straining your back. But most importantly, the planter is as strong as a rock! These multipurpose, modern style planters , are a perfect complement to your interior.

A variety of colours: You can choose between various colors and sizes to pair with your favorite plants in your living space. Made with lightweight material: These lightweight, sturdy plastic pots are built to last for years and years.

Built-in-tray that collects excess water — Which helps to protect decks, patios, and indoor surfaces from water damage. Crafted from soft cotton rope, this neutral-toned woven storage basket will look great anywhere you display it in the house. Featuring sturdy slit handles and a compact design for easy lift and transport, this storage basket will work well in any room of your home and adds a sophisticated twist to any decor.

You can use as a basic indoor pot planter cover, or use it for various other purposes in many scenes, such as desk, shelf, tabletop, living room, bedroom, and so on. The basket will arrive folded in its package and there will be temporary creases initially.

But you can simply fill the basket full with towels, clothes or blankets and these creases should disappear over time. While not a pot per say, there are many other uses. But I like the fact that you can use it as a decorative planter which adds a bit of exotic beauty into your home. This self-watering planter pot is suitable for growing healthy herbs and succulents indoors.

Deep water reservoir that makes self-watering possible : No more troublesome wicks that clog and stop working. Patented design integrates self-watering features into the body of the planter. Adequate air circulation: Stop poking holes in your soil. Integrated into the body of the planter are additional large open slats on the bottom that are designed to maintain air circulation through the soil, preventing mold and fungus commonly found with other self-watering planters.

Keep your plants healthy, and your home healthy as well. Stupid simple watering: Each planter comes with an easy to use clip-on attachment for easy watering. Leave it on, or use when needed to maintain a sleek modern look. Minds your beautiful floor: The reservoir dish is designed with studs on the bottom to lift the entire planter away from your floor and to prevent circular water stains typical of other flat-bottomed planters.

The pigments used in this planter are UV resistant to maintain the beauty of the planter for many years. Not painted. Colors will not fade, will not peel, will not become streaked or patchy when left under the sun.The pot is relatively flimsy and not ideal for moving around the house.

In addition, a number of users have reported that the pot is shorter than stated in the description. Therefore, you need to conduct your due diligence. The fact that you can easily water the bottom and forget about it for weeks makes it very convenient while extremely functional.

Besides, this is one of the best indoor pot planters that are actually bigger than they appear to be. These indoor planters come in a set of 4 extremely gorgeous pots.

Beautiful trendy design: Each flower pot is carved with fine stripes, make your windowsill, living room, desktop, and patio tidier and more beautiful. Drainage System: Every ceramic planter comes with a drainage hole in the bottom, and attached saucer helps to minimize water run-off.

Made to last: These Flower pots are created with the sturdy ceramic which is made of the kaolin, durable, not easily broken. Use: Set of 4 flower pots are suitable for planting most small and medium-sized plants like herbs, peace lily, succulent plants, orchid and so on.

I personally have no bad experience with these pots but several users have reported damaged or broken product upon arrival. Bloem Saturn Planter comes with a matching saucer for bottom up watering. Bloem pot planter is not really 10 inches across the top and when you squeeze the sides in, it bends because the plastic is thin and flimsy. The pot comes with pre-drilled drainage holes which is really convenient.

Besides, the built-in tray is great for self-watering and for collecting excess water. You can use Mkono modern decorative planter pot to grow a wide variety house plants including flowers, herbs, and all manner of foliage plants. Comes in a set of five pots. Eco-Friendly and durable material: Super lightweight, sturdy polypropylene makes these classy planters stand a good deal of wear and tear, works great around kids or lively animals.

Rest Assured Use to decorate your windowsill, desktop, shelf, bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, and outdoor patio. Glossy layer on the inside for easy cleaning is an additional attraction. Great for flower plant lovers!

Drainage system: Each plastic planter comes with a drill hole in the bottom to drain the stagnant water and help you prolong the life of your precious plants.

Make your own garden: Set of 5 fower pots are suitable for planting most small and medium-sized plants like peace lily, snake plant, mint, orchid, parlor palm, devil's ivy, or herbs, brightening up your living place.

The fact that the pots come with only one drainage hole is undesired. The pots look ceramic even though they are lightweight plastic. This means you can easily place them in plant hangers which will add a bit of clean and classy look to your home.

Potting mix is held above water chamber and connected by small porous channels filled with soil which act like a water wick through the evaporation process. And for the price, this pot is value for money. The company that manufacture Honeysuckle pot planters prides itself in being small. Which allows them to innovate in ways that bigger companies simply can't. Premium aesthetics: Innovative finishing techniques that bring beauty and class to any home.

Durable and lightweight material: The look of ceramic or stone done in a lightweight and durable high-density resin. The result is an exceptionally durable, weather-resistant, well-designed planter that will stand the test of time. You can use both indoor and outdoor: The planter is completely weather resistant and the UV coated finish protects color from fading.

This planter is delivered without drainage holes but if needed, you can easily drill them at the bottom of the planter.

Learn how to improve drainage in potted plants. The classic whiskey barrel planter in a Kentucky Walnut finish with dark black colored bands. Homenote ceramic plant pot is probably one of the most beautiful planters on this list. The pot resembles a natural wood texture. Unique wood texture appearance: Successfully designed the texture of the wood annual ring on the ceramic, so that the whole flower pot looks very close to nature, but does not lose the unique characteristics of the ceramic flower pot.

Different sizes and shape : Each set comes two different plant pots but Maintain a consistent style that makes them look very harmonious when placed together.

Round shaped planter, perfect for taller plants and the smaller, hexagon one for your smaller legumes. Drainage holes: Each flower pot comes with a drainage hole in the bottom to perfect protection for your plants from root rot.

Perfect decoration : Add a dash of warmth and cheer to your home decor with this set of 2 ceramic plant pots with natural wood texture. Each of these pots is a little work of art.

The planter offers a rolled lip wide opening and ample soil space to accommodate several grower pots. The Veranda Patio Planter from Bloem is made from polyethylene plastic, which makes the planter long-lasting.

It can be used indoors or outdoors as it is fade resistant. This planter is water, rot, and insect resistant and is available in several colors and sizes. Flaunts a thick-walled design and optional punch out drainage holes. Indoor hanging planters are so on-trend! They're an interesting way to display houseplants in any room and Mkono store an array of styles to choose from.

Hanging planter are even ideal in displaying bathroom plants that absorb moisture. The modern, vintage-inspired plant hanger adds the perfect touch to your room and living room. Material: Cotton rope with beads, the rope is stronger and more durable. Suitable for decorate your living room and garden kitchen, patio. It is great for boho home decor, make your life become unique. Versatile style that can be hung from a hook in the ceiling or against a wall like a wall hanging.

The plant pot holder is an ideal gift for housewarmings, weddings and bohemian lover. No tassel at the bottom. This no tassel plant hanger will fit a variety of flower pot shapes and sizes. Great for planters up to 9" in diameter. Umbra hanging planter container is great for growing healthy succulent plants, air plants, mini cactus, faux plants and much more.

Attractive geometric design: Designed by Moe Takemura for Umbra, Trigg is the original geometric vessel with a simple, elegant design that adds a contemporary decorative touch to any indoor space.

Planter pots

All our recommendations will fit any budget. Drainage plug: Overwatering is the main cause of indoor plant mortality. However, with a drainage plug installed, you can allow excess water to flow out and keep your plants at an optimal level of hydration. Frost and UV resistant: These indoor pot planters have been carefully and professionally made with durability in mind. Made with frost and UV resistant material, you can enjoy growing healthy plants for longer. Hand-made of fiber stone: Carefully crafted with an exterior of stone and a fiberglass enforced inside.

At Ivyline we create contemporary accessories for the home and garden. We are experts in trend-led planters, homewares, vases, firepits and more.

OSLO Indoor Planter

Algreen is proud to be a partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping global reforestation efforts. Together, we strive to make an impact and help to increase our corporate social responsibility initiatives. For every product sold on Algreenproducts. Our collection of quality, eco-conscious products are perfect for enhancing both your indoor and outdoor spaces and include a wide range of planters, composters, rain barrels, water gardening accessories and other home and lawn decor. Algreen customer service is second to none. My husband and I really appreciate all of your assistance. I love this compost bin! The design is so easy to use, and 8 years later, it's still providing great compost! Had an issue with my soil saver lid and sent a message to the Algreen team. Alby teamalgreen sent me a replacement and was super nice thought.

15 Modern Indoor Planters For Every Room In Your Home

Dare to go dark with the contemporary Ariel planter from Adairs. All black and in a sophisticated shape, it's an affordable option that brings a lot of bang for it's buck. Plain pots can be useful, but you should always make room in your life for a pretty one. This chic little number from Adairs turns up the glamour with some gold paint, and we don't mind it.

It all starts with good design. Every planter in our range has proudly been designed by our in-house designers, with meticulous detail, modern styling and simple functionality.

Plant Containers

New In: Togetherness Collaboration. New for Kids: Bluey Collection. Summer Sale Now On. Kids Summer Sale. Bathroom must haves. Kids Bathroom.

9 Indoor Ceramic Planters from Amazon, All Under $50

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Flower boxes aren't just for the outdoors — they add life and color to any room in your house. Building an indoor planter box yourself is a fun weekend project and you will enjoy the results for years to come. The first step in building indoor window boxes is deciding what kind of wood to use. First, you should consider the look of the finished product. If you do plan on painting the planter box, build it with any select knot-free grade of wood such as pine or poplar. If you prefer a natural finish, consider a fine hardwood such as oak or maple.

Re-home individual plants or create fresh arrangements with a garden planter.Whether hanging or freestanding, a planter can enhance the natural beauty of your.

Plastic hanging pots reject shop

Note the authentic detailing and exquisite pattern in relief on our high-quality glazed ceramic collection, as well as the different textures, some ornate, some more subtle to accommodate your own home scenario. Garden pots and planters are an impressive way to really showcase the entrance of your home. You can try new things in a pot or planter, vibrant colors, new plant varieties, and they offer you the flexibility to freshen things up more often, perhaps substitute seasonally appropriate plant arrangements or brighten up arrangements in the spring.

Pots, Vases & Plant Stands

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How to choose pots for indoor plants in 2021

These planters are normally only supplied to trade customers but here everyone can benefit from our wide range of large, beautiful plant pots. I designed this planter to keep your plant healthy, thriving, and give it the What to Put in the Bottom of a Large Planter. SKU: cecilia-fiberstone-planters-d If you prefer not to fill the entire container let us know you would like the Silk and plastic plants might be easy, but there's nothing like the energy and vibrance a live indoor tree brings to a room. Check out our range of indoor plant pots in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. You can decorate an empty space inside your home with a tall flower pot, or add curb appeal outside with one of the many extra large outdoor planters for sale at H Potter.

Big Pots are often overlooked as planting solutions when designing commercial and public spaces but are often the most economical and make a strong argument as an alternative to formed concrete raised garden beds. Small Pots. Locally designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia, our customized Q DESIGN laser cut metal panels can be use in fully exposed outdoor or indoor applications such as wall art, garden gates, privacy screening, illuminated light boxes, fencing infills, outdoor wall art, architectural cladding, trellising for plants.