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Ford has two vehicle and engine plants — Chennai and Sanand — in the country that employ thousands of people. Ford said Sanand vehicle assembly will wind down production by year's end, followed by Chennai by the second quarter ofAbout 4, people will lose their jobs due to the plans, according to the company. Ford said it will maintain a small production footprint in India, with plans to expand its large salaried employee base of more than 11, people in the country. Engine production for export of the Ranger midsize pickup truck will continue at Sanand, retaining about production jobs.

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  • Stung by $2 billion loss, Ford exits manufacturing operation, moves to niche imported models
  • Corona impact: Brakes on vehicle production, as plants are closed (Ld)
  • Valeo in India
  • Hyundai Cars
  • About Hyundai
  • Tata Motors in early talks to buy Ford’s Tamil Nadu, Gujarat manufacturing plants
  • Ford to cease manufacturing cars in India, shut down plants in Chennai, Sanand
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With Ford in exit mode from India, it remains to be seen what is in store for its two manufacturing plants in Chennai and Sanand. In the case of Sanand, the recently rebooted Gujarat government has not articulated any such intent yet. The assembly elections are due in December and the ruling BJP will be keen on ensuring that it is back in power. Ford has already made it known that car production will continue at both Chennai and Sanand for some months before the closure is initiated.

It will, however, continue to make engines at Sanand for its operations worldwide as part of the strategy to use India as a key hub. Perhaps, Ford will seek to square this up by way of a high ticket price for its plants though the big question remains: will there be any suitors at this point in time? After all, the last 18 months have been extremely difficult for manufacturers thanks to the pandemic. Even while there is a recovery happening in terms of car sales, the fact remains that the Indian economy was already in the midst of a slowdown before Covid made its presence felt.

This was also among the many reasons why Ford decided to shut down manufacturing operations and in this backdrop, who will be ready to step into Chennai and Sanand?

Will Hyundai Motor Group step in? There is no official confirmation on this development but assuming there is some truth to the story, it could be in the form of a Hyundai-Kia combine that will step in as the knight in shining armour. Even though they are part of the Hyundai Motor Group, the two Korean brands are fierce competitors in this market and elsewhere across the world. The fact also remains that Chennai is a better option to Anantapur simply because it offers so much more in terms of hotels, schools, hospitals and easier access to an international airport.

Assuming that the Hyundai Motor Group is even considering the possibility, there are a whole lot of issues that need to be resolved starting with the acquisition cost, relocating plant and machinery, getting a new workforce in place at the plant and so on.

It is almost certain that the TN government will go the extra mile in wooing suitors since this is a political issue especially when it concerns the grim reality of nearly 3, job losses at Ford. Given the high labour cost structure, the chances of the new buyer absorbing this workforce is a very remote possibility. There are indications that the separation package will be generous but this is not likely to cut too much ice with those employees who are in their mids and will be looking for a permanent job instead.

This is a huge challenge in an industry which is in reboot mode as far as skill-sets are concerned. Further, with automation being the name of the game, the last thing companies want on their books are hefty employee costs especially when they will be investing big bucks on fuel technologies. Whether Ford will face the same resistance from its workforce at Chennai and Sanand as what its American counterpart, General Motors, is experiencing at Talegaon, near Pune, remains to be seen.

There are bound to be labour-related issues simply because the prospects of unemployment will outweigh any attractive package. This will have political implications for both the TN and Gujarat governments with the latter likely to be under greater pressure because it is going to polls late next year the DMK government came into power barely a few months ago.

It is this reality that could result in some pragmatic compromising attempts for Sanand especially if this involves the Chinese.SAIC refurbished the facility and got it up and running in record time while getting out a successful product, the Hector, on Indian roads.

It is also no secret that MG Motor India is keen on growing aggressively and has been exploring a host of new locations. All this was fine till the Chinese army decided to turn aggressive on the Indian border with the impasse still on at Ladakh.

Politics will naturally have its fallout on economics and there is no way the Centre will take kindly to investments coming in from China especially with global initiatives like the Quad, where India is a member country along with the US, Japan and Australia. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, large parts of the world are bristling with fury at China for its alleged role even while this has made little difference to its political top brass which is keen on asserting its might in the Asia Pacific region.

It is also his view that the BJP government will stand to benefit as a result especially at a time of the imminent state elections when the stakes are especially high. However, there is no guarantee that the existing workforce will automatically get a berth too in the process. After all, MG did not take over any GM employees at Halol and preferred to start off on a clean slate. The company was also scouting for other locations in Tami. Nadu and Andhra Pradesh till the Chinese army decided to throw a spanner in the works.

For instance, could Tata Motors be interested in the Sanand plant which is virtually next to its own facility which was the launchpad for the Nano? There is absolutely no indication how the saga will unfold in the coming months. What is clear though is that it is the 4,strong workforce at Ford India which will bear the brunt eventually since the prospects of alternative employment are really dim at this point in time.

There have been substantial layoffs across the automotive ecosystem and the manpower within the company will have every reason to feel worried about the road ahead. They will be hoping that the new owner will add them to its rolls even though this is a very unlikely possibility. Ford ideally wants to sell its plants with the workforce intact. Their aim is to minimise job losses.

About Us Contact Us. Passenger Vehicles. When the industry is already grappling with excess capacity, will there be a carmaker ready to pick up the gauntlet? December 1,From in-depth analyses of the latest industry moves through to a Lightweighting Special, this Decemb

Stung by $2 billion loss, Ford exits manufacturing operation, moves to niche imported models

Hyundai Motor India Limited has announced that its manufacturing facility in Chennai has reached a new milestone. The plant has now rolled out its 10 millionth 1 crore unit from the production line. The 10 millionth car to roll off the production line was the recently launched Hyundai Alcazar. The facility is also celebrating its 25th anniversary in

The world-class manufacturing plant in Sanand manufactures Ford Figo, Ford remains committed to India as a centre of excellence for small cars and low.

Corona impact: Brakes on vehicle production, as plants are closed (Ld)

At the time of market close yesterday, Tata Motors share was priced at about RsRight now it is trading at over RsEarly morning today, it was reported that Tata Motors has decided to take over Ford India manufacturing plant in Chennai. This news has probably sent the Tata Motors share price soaring in first hour of trading on Bombay Stock Exchange. Tata Motors has not confirmed the report officially. Anurag resigned from Ford on 24th Sep , about 15 days after Ford announced their India exit. Coincidentally, these two plants are located next to each other on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city, in Sanand.

Valeo in India

Home Blog Ford's India plants: the likely suitors. By Murali Gopalan. Share -. With Ford in exit mode from India, it remains to be seen what is in store for its two manufacturing plants in Chennai and Sanand.

In the run-up to the ITS World Congress , ZF is introducing itself as a full-range supplier of autonomous shuttle systems for cities and mobility service providers. Here you will find information on ZF technologies as well as on our comprehensive product portfolio along our Next Generation Mobility strategy.

Hyundai Cars

US carmaker Ford Motor Co will cease manufacturing cars in India and shut down its plants in the country. Taking to its official handle on Twitter, Ford India said that vehicle manufacturing at the Sanand plant will be stopped by Q4 and by Q2, at the Chennai plant. With this, Ford will become the latest automaker to quit a market still dominated by Asian rivals. The process is expected to take about a year, the source claimed.Ford is the latest vehicle maker to cease production in India, following US companies such as General Motors and Harley Davidson, which have already left a market that had once promised exponential growth. Ford has struggled to win over India's frugal buyers and turn a profit in a market dominated by mainly low-cost cars made by Suzuki Motor Corp and Hyundai Motor.

About Hyundai

Over people helped bring the plant on stream, of which Indian employees were trained in 12 countries. Through this initiative, over saplings have been planted at the site. The plant is currently operational. In Tamilnadu, India, MICHELIN through its CSR initiatives addresses direct local needs, such as water supply, health, education and professional training, which converge to increasing employability and the well-being of the local population. Some of the Programs undertaken include. The company has initiated numerous programmes to increase viability of local talent to be hired either directly by MICHELIN or, by other enterprises or become entrepreneurs.

CHENNAI (Reuters) -Car factories, including those of Renault-Nissan, Hyundai and Ford, can operate with full workforces in India's.

Tata Motors in early talks to buy Ford’s Tamil Nadu, Gujarat manufacturing plants

Welcome to www. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. The idea behind the new partnership is to develop, market and distribute vehicles from both companies in emerging markets around the world.

Ford to cease manufacturing cars in India, shut down plants in Chennai, Sanand

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Last month, the US car giant had announced that it would stop making cars in India and shut down both its plants in the country. Several media reports citing unidentified sources mentioned that the Tamil Nadu government is in discussion with the Tata Group over a possible takeover of the Ford India unit at Maraimalai Nagar in Chennai. Although details of the high-level talks were not divulged, this is the second time in a span of two weeks that the Tata Group executives are meeting the CM. The Ford India deal, which is at an early stage, comes after Tata Motors received the nod from the National Company Law Tribunal NCLT Mumbai bench in March this year to separate its domestic passenger vehicle business, valued at about Rs 9, crore, into a standalone company. Further, Ford would get to abandon its loss-making India unit and increase investments in electric and automated vehicles, according to a report in ToI. Discussions are underway and Tata Motors could decide not to seal the deal.

There are a total of 13 Hyundai models currently on sale in India.

It is a fully-owned subsidiary of the South Korean automobile manufacturing giant, Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motors entered India for the first time in with the launching of its plant at Irungattukottai in Tamil Nadu on 06 MayAt that time, the Hyundai was an unknown entity in India. Maruti, Hindustan, Premier, Tata and Mahindra were the only Indian automobile manufacturers at that time. Some of the international players in the market were Daewoo, Ford, Opel and Honda. All these multinational companies were recent entrants in the Indian market. As Tata and Mahindra concentrated on commercial utility vehicles, Maruti Suzuki had an absolute monopoly over the small passenger car market.

Ford India announced on September 9 that it will end its car manufacturing operations in India, shutting down two plants in Maraimalainagar, a suburb of Chennai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, and Sanand, in the western state of Gujarat. As a result, over 4, full-time Ford workers will lose their jobs. In addition, several thousand more trainees, contract workers, canteen and groundskeeping workers will lose their jobs, along with tens of thousands of employees at supplier plants and car dealerships.

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