Stardew valley fruit tree struck by lighning

Stardew valley fruit tree struck by lighning

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Stardew valley fruit tree struck by lighning but survived, not without damage though. It's not too bad at the moment.

I can't get a screen cap off this at the moment, but the tree is still healthy and has a few nuts on it.

Not so bad. It lost some of its leaves. But it should grow new leaves quickly. I put in a few new growth shoots at the trunk and they're starting to grow. I'm glad it didn't lose a limb. We had a few weeks of cold weather though, so that could be why it has less leaves than normal.


My trees can withstand -30C, however I'm always prepared for them to get cold, so I keep them in the garage. I have to keep the garage door shut because the leaves get trapped in it, and if the temperature falls below -20C they'll start to die.

The tree in the photos is not mine - i.e. it's not in my garden. It was a present - an unusual type of fruit which I think is related to a cherry. The tree just had a bolt of lightning. It has lived through it, but it was knocked off its base, and some of the leaves are now missing.

That tree is looking a bit battered there, but what do I know, I'm just an amateur

I just went outside and picked the first cherry I have seen for months. Unfortunately, it is just about dead. I am surprised that it even survived. The tree was about 40 metres from a power line.

You should have put a warning sign up! I'm surprised that it made it through the winter without taking a few of its leaves off, and the power cable didn't manage to take the tree out by itself.

That sounds like a good place to live - so what about those fruit, do you keep them for eating?

What's that? No... You think I would live in the sticks? We have power lines and water mains, so we don't have problems with power cuts like most people do! Plus, I don't like fruit (the green bit inside isn't very nice) - but you would have the same problem. I used to have a small tree once, and I kept cutting it back, but I always kept the top off it because I was always worried it was going to die! I used to put an umbrella up there, but it's now lost.

I have to go home, it's nearly time for school. See you later.

Oh, and the cherry is on the right of this photo:

I am so ashamed, I used the wrong photo! I will try to change the photo of the tree.

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