Condo landscape designers near me

Condo landscape designers near me

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Call us to learn more about how we can help you save water and money with our water conservation services and irrigation upgrades. Work with our team of talented designers to create a look that will truly stand the test of time. Through innovative planting pallets, cutting-edge water management systems, and functional pathways, our team can help your property reach its utmost potential. We can help you with your design project—from simple before-and-after photos to detailed landscape plans. Learn More. Our professional construction team will turn your landscape dreams into reality.

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Condo landscaping

NOV 2ND. Whether enhancing a towering high-rise or a sprawling suburban development, landscaping not only helps a condo or HOA increase and retain property values, but has a positive impact on residents themselves. Beautiful, functional green spaces and plantings increase pride of ownership, influence morale, and just generally make a place more pleasant to be in for owners and visitors alike.

Curb appeal is key. For condos and HOAs, the landscape may be dated, or a poor design may be in place. Simple factors like location and environment determine what plants can thrive where.

A design is going to depend largely on what kind of area is involved. High-traffic areas bring salt and other harsh chemicals onto nearby plants, so the knowledgeable designer will choose plants that tolerate salt well.

With the terrain in mind, landscape designers will tell associations that they need to have an idea of what purpose they want a landscape to serve, and some boards have landscape committees to help with the big decisions. Then the property manager will tell me to meet with the landscape committee. Once we get narrowed down what they want, then I put it on paper and come up with prices.

Some of my lists have been 20 or 30 items. Once associations and designers are in agreement on what the intended use is, careful planning should follow. Some major projects get done at one time, but most landscape work is piecemeal. Especially for those who have never worked with a landscape designer, simply finding the right one can be stressful—partly because pricing can be difficult.

Much of the cost of a project depends on what materials will be used, and how much labor is required. For that reason, competitive bidding can be tricky: The lower bid might not be fulfilling everything asked for in the plan. If an association gets suspicious of a big price tag, they can always get a second opinion. Understandably, associations want their landscape designs to be noticeable. One plant might not cost much to install, but if it grows fast and needs to pruned often, for instance, the labor costs needed to keep the landscape looking tip-top will dwarf the initial costs.

So you really need to put together a pragmatic plan in order to get these things established. Some environmental factors are a hindrance to landscapes. In areas with more undeveloped land, deer and other animals become a big problem for plants. Communities that come up against this problem on a regular basis should consider plants that are not favored by deer and other animals, he says. Condo boards tend to make decisions on their own time but timing can play an important factor in whether a project gets done in the same year it began.

Local city and town codes are another factor that boards and associations definitely need to be aware of. Some of them require pedestrian access.

Bodies of water also need to be considered in New England. You would have to know are there wetlands nearby. Riverfront areas are one of the most protected. Each town has their own bylaws. Landscape design can be a huge investment. A well thought-out design can enhance more aspects of home life than just the property value. But ultimately, the returns come back when residents use the space and appreciate the outdoors. Denton Tarver is a freelance writer and a frequent contributor to New England Condominium.

Editorial Assistant Tom Lisi contributed to this article. Sign in. Do not show again [X]. By Denton Tarver April Landscaping.Be Aware of Local Ordinances Local city and town codes are another factor that boards and associations definitely need to be aware of. Leave a Comment.

San Diego Landscape Contractors and Design Experts

When your residence looks beautiful and well-maintained, your property value rises, you and your family are happier to be there, and your visitors get the right message about your lifestyle. The award winning members of the Bayscape team can renovate an existing garden or an empty plot of land, and re-create the space into a one-of-a-kind landscape. We create garden walls, gates and arbors, barbecue pits, pergolas, waterfalls, fountains, and more. In addition, we expertly blend a wide range of materials, equipment and finishes to enhance your property - both aesthetically and functionally. Large or small, we are happy to bring our skills and experience to any size project.

Miller Landscape - Creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes Since We design and build complete landscapes, outdoor kitchens, fire pits.

Commercial Services

At Solterra, we believe that your garden is an extension of the interior of your home. It is a personal, peaceful place where you can retreat from the busyness of the day. As a full-service landscape company, we offer complete property maintenance, landscape design, plant and hardscape installation, seasonal color, irrigation, outdoor lighting, grading and drainage. Our landscape designers listen very carefully to the interest of our clients and ask further questions to get a complete understanding of the landscape project. The key to our design success is that we start with visualizing what would make the property look good in the winter, then we complete the look with adding plants for interest in spring, summer, and fall. See and learn more about our award winning landscape design and installation projects. We provide full service landscape management for Atlanta area homeowners, HOA communities, town homes, condo communities, private schools, and more.

Apartment Landscaping Services

Good design is powerful, and an extraordinary landscape design can be very persuasive. It can facilitate the municipal approvals process, attract attention from the desired audiences, or bolster sales to end users by exciting imagination. A sensitive landscape design that celebrates heritage to craft an exceptional future. A precedent-setting streetscape design, chosen to be simultaneously sensitive to the existing character and representative of the future regeneration of the area.


Condominium Maintenance

We offer a variety of landscape services including but are not limited to the following. Plant Rental Redecorate your office spaces and make them a more comfortable place to work in. Our array of projects includes governmental, residential, industrial and commercial. We work very closely with building developers, architects, engineers, government agencies, contractors, managing agents and owners. We also provide plant delivery in Singapore. The award is part of a competition conceived to set benchmarks on the quality and excellence of work expected of landscape and related practitioners in Singapore.

Small Garden Design Creations of Melbourne

This website uses cookies to improve your experience navigating our site. By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Australian houses, from architectural masterpieces to suburban family homes, Victorian terraces, mid-century marvels, coastal shacks, city apartments, and everything in between. How long does it take? And the all-important question — how much does it cost? The garden of Chris Cobbett and Jonathan Cebon.

A Small Green Space is a full service Garden Design & Build & Maintenance firm specializing in small urban spaces. Professional Photography by Megan Maloy.

Initial consultation, conceptual design and design development to determine and define project scope, overall budget and implementation phases. Planning, costing and coordination with trades, architects and builders to ensure that we build accurately, swiftly and efficiently. Project tendering, scheduling and the management of required consultants, permits, approvals and on-going site reviews and inspections.

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Daniels Landscape Inc. Our attention to detail, skilled workmanship, and exceptional design allow us to transform small outdoor areas into inviting, relaxing, and functional spaces. We have relationships with local nurseries throughout Southern California and can recommend the right soft-scape for your property based on your style preferences, water usage requirements, and size of your yard.Whether you're looking to install built-in seating and drought tolerant plants for your condominium patio or a BBQ area with a pergola and a paved walkway for the courtyard of your apartment complex, Daniels Landscape Inc. With decades of landscaping experience , our owner, Daniel Olsen, is able to create a beautiful and enjoyable outdoor living environment for properties of any size. When we design a landscape we carefully consider all hard-scape and soft-scape elements to provide our customers with the best possible results given their aesthetic preferences, functional needs, and budget.

Come meet our team in the Nursery. We are excited to meet you and partner with the team at Carousel.

LMI Landscapes has created a successful business around a core set of values: how we treat each other internally, how we treat our clients, and how we conduct business with our suppliers. We also hold our core values of honesty, integrity, quality, professionalism, and teamwork above all others, and our clients will tell you that it shows in our work. If you share these core values and need a commercial landscaping company who is committed to serving you in these ways, give us a call. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and partner with you and your team. Over the last 30 years, we've served all segments in the commercial real estate markets including some of the smallest closely held developers as well as some of the largest developers in the US. We have successfully served commercial real estate developers across Texas and Colorado for more than 30 years. Below are just a few of the types of clients we serve.

Instead of picking up your things and moving, there are simpler and more cost-friendly solutions to changing the ambiance of your home or business. Professional landscape design can help you get the most out of your property and transform your commercial building or home into an aesthetically beautiful and attractive location. Working with your personal style and your budget, our team helps you get the most out of your Ellicott City, MD home or building for renewed satisfaction. We have an edge on the competition by providing design-build landscaping.