Fruit trees and berries that grow in the forest

Fruit trees and berries that grow in the forest

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Fruit trees and berries that grow in the forest are much more attractive for us, than those grown in the greenhouses. They are more healthy, delicious and have more vitamins. But even these ones have some kind of deficiencies if the soil is poor, because if the soil is not rich, or because the climate is poor, the fruit will be bad. This problem could be solved by artificial grafting.

In order to do this you need:

1- A fruit tree growing in the greenhouse

2- A tree growing outside the greenhouse

3- A long and strong knife

4- A very good eye

Step 1. Find a healthy growing plant

Step 2. Make a hole in the plant with a knife in a place where you want to graft

Step 3. Make a cut in the plant with the long knife in a place where you want to graft

Step 4. Inject the end of a cutting from another tree in the hole you made

Step 5. Cover with soil and leaves until it sprouts

Step 6. Wait and watch. If the end grows in the direction that you want, it is done, or not. If it goes somewhere, and you want it to stay there, you must remove the plant from the ground

Step 7. Plant it in the ground where you want it, and water. There are different ways of grafting, depending on what plant you need to graft. In this article I will show the grafting process of cherry and pear trees.

Step 8. Water again. Wait for 5-6 weeks, but if it does not grow it is not done.

Step 9. Prune all shoots that do not want to grow, or do not want to grow in the place you want

Step 10. Plant it again, where you want it.

Step 11. For cherries you must harvest when they are ready, not too soft. And keep them on the ground until they get ripe, and then cut them off, and let them dry on the ground. Then put them in a paper bag, for transportation and storing

Step 12. When they are ready to eat, put them in the freezer, when they are frozen, you can slice them and make jams and jellies

Step 13. You can also make pies, and bake them in the oven. Or simply eat them raw

Step 14. You can also try to bottle it, so that it keeps for some time. This is a very good way to preserve your cherry harvest.

Step 15. Once you get your first cherries, you can start to plant new trees that are better suited for your area, to avoid grafting another cherry tree in your fruit garden.

Step 16. Also, you can save a part of your harvest for planting new trees next year. This makes a great gift to your family

Step 17. You can do the same to get apples, plums, peaches, nectarines, etc, from the fruit garden you have. If you don’t have enough trees, plant more trees. It is fun and you will have more fruit for your family, for your children, and for other people.

You can make a cherry pie, in your garden. And you can enjoy eating fresh cherries, every year, in your backyard.

It is really easy to grow cherries in a backyard. You just need to follow the steps in this post, and you will have fresh and tasty cherries for a whole year.

And remember, cherries are the perfect host plant, because they attract many different insects, so you will also have many friends in your backyard. Cherries have the double function: they are both a fruit and a plant, you get cherries and other plants in the same time. You should have this fun in your backyard. So, have fun growing cherries in your backyard.

I would like to know the reasons you choose ‘Cherry’ as the host plants in the backyard of the ‘Dakkadam’, which is the first season of this program. So far, I am so impressed, that I started planting cherry tree in my backyard. I would also like to be part of the ‘Season of the Seed’ program.

I am so impressed by this program, that I am planning to start my seeds in the garden. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I would like to ask if you ship seeds from the US. If you can’t ship them here. I can pay for the shipment. Thank you.

How can I get my first fruit of the year for myself and a bunch of people I know? I tried and had cherry seeds from other sites not a single plant. I bought cherry plants from a gardening shop. Didnt understand the concept of a first fruit of the year until I watched the season of the seed. Thanks for the info and the advice.

I am so delighted to find this great source of information for gardeners, but also gardeners. I started garden ten years ago and love all types of gardening. I would like to ask if I may be allowed to share the seeds with other people in my family so that we could have an early summer harvest for ourselves? I would pay the fee for the seeds, but I have to be very specific because I would like to only be able to distribute to three or four other people.I have seen in a few books that many gardeners share seed with others. I am so grateful that you are providing this service.

Thank you for this page and for responding to my question.


Thanks for your question, I am glad that you found this site useful and interesting. As far as I know, you can give it to whoever you want. However, because seeds are living things, I would suggest to make sure that you will not lose them when distributing to others. Also, make sure that you keep track of your seeds from year to year so that you can continue to have and re-plant the same strains.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi there. Thanks for the kind words. As a matter of fact, you can plant the seeds now (or give it to others) but you must wait until the soil freezes and there are new plants for next season before planting your garden.

It is important to have the correct season to plant your garden. The first time I plant in the year, I end up making mistakes, but I do get a chance to learn from those mistakes. However, the next year, my garden always looks a lot better.

In that sense, this is your year to plant. Let the seeds wait a few weeks until the soil has frozen. Then wait for the early summer before planting the garden.



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