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Fruit trees for kent

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Specially designed for small spaces, these 70cm tall columns grow tasty fruit even in harsh weather conditions, as well as brightening up your garden. Taking a step towards sustainability is easy, even in the bustle of the city. A massive garden is not needed as these will thrive in patio planters and can be easily kept as compact towers with pruning.

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Brogdale Collections

It is the largest collection of temperate fruit in one place in the world! Row upon row of fruit trees and grape vines make up its treasure trove of over 4, fruit varieties. With around 2, varieties of apple tree, the stunning, springtime blossom display is worth a visit alone; but there is so much more to the Nation Fruit Collection.

Its mandate is to safeguard the future of each and every one of its trees and vines. The University of Reading curates and manages the collection on behalf of Defra. But why does this matter and what have genetics got to do with it? The concept of a seed bank is not dissimilar; seeds can be frozen and preserved to ensure that the plant and its produce remain available to future generations. When it comes to fruit trees, we are dealing with the preservation of cultivars, — i.

Whereas the seed from a tomato or a runner bean will usually produce the same variety of tomato or bean, an apple pip will produce a new cultivar, as a cross between the two parent trees. This is because apples like most fruits hold immense genetic diversity: the apple genome all the genes on the chromosomes , is larger than our human genome in fact!

To propagate them and keep the identical cultivar we have to graft or bud on to rootstocks or take cuttings. The genetic make-up of an apple or pear tree determines when it will flower, when fruit will ripen for harvest, how resistant it is to disease and which growing conditions it favours, as well as its appearance and taste of course.

So the genetic resources housed within the NFC are fundamental to researching how we can adapt fruit crops to our changing environment, or select varieties that will grow well as our seasons and climatic conditions change.

Luckily for orchardists wanting to grow old varieties, which are well adapted to their local conditions, these are conserved in the NFC and available for propagation. Of of the varieties of pear tree growing at the National Fruit Collection. The genetic diversity, or heterozygosity, of apples and pears has given fruit growers throughout history a wonderful playground, and many delicious varieties were developed through breeding programmes.

By the early s, there was a confusing abundance of fruit cultivars being exchanged between nurseries, estates and market growers, with vastly differing properties and traits, and often with duplicate names! Together with the local varieties that originated from chance seedlings or discarded apple pips, this left us with a sizeable legacy of disorganised apple names and cultivars. So being sure of your resulting crop was important!

Avenue of cherry trees at the National Fruit Collection. Since then, fruit has been contributed from across the world, — from Japan to Turkey!

As well as being a stunning sight to behold, you can taste many different varieties of fruit and even taste the exceptional apple juice that is produced from the harvest. Visitors can get their unfamiliar fruit varieties identified, as detailed here. Since moving to its current location in the , the National Fruit Trials was instrumental in furthering our understanding of cultivar selection, fruit cultivation and storage. Since the NFC was established it has conserved the 4, cultivars and distributed them to research organisations all over the world, as well as supporting many local fruit groups and orchards to identify fruit varieties and obtain scions for rare cultivars.

The best time to visit Brogdale Collections is during one of its events such as the Apple, Cider or Cherry Festivals, where you can taste and buy hundreds of varieties and tour the NFC, or Hanami Festival for spring blossom.These should resume in full force next year, but this autumn their Heritage Orchard Days are running with pre-booked places.

But whenever you go, be sure to join the daily guided tour of the extensive orchards. See the website for more information. What is Brogdale Collections? Why do we need a national collection of fruit?

Barton's Britain: Brogdale Farm, Kent

The cold, short days have seemed like a good excuse to stay indoors. Succulent, green spring shoots are emerging from piles of rotting leaves that cover my borders and the snowdrops are out. And my garden really needs it, especially the fruit trees. The Bramley apple in my garden is leggy and shapeless — it needs some help. But when is the right time to prune fruit trees? Here are some general tips on how to prune your apple and other fruit trees in your garden. Pruning apple opens up the canopy to sun and air, promoting flower and fruit production.

Hawley Garden Centre, and Plant Nursery, based at Dartford, Kent. Our Fruit Trees selection is especially curated and presented by our.

BBC Sport (International version)

The Walnut Tree Company has a range of selected timber trees for forestry and fruit trees for commercial growers and gardeners. The Walnut Tree Co. In addition to our normal fruiting selections we can also supply both Broadview and Buccaneer trees. If anyone ordering Kentish Cob trees would also like to consider Walnut trees, Sweet Chestnut trees, or Almond trees please do look at our sister website walnuttrees. Please telephone to discuss. Through Alexander Hunt's nursery connections he is able to source the finest selections of varieties of apple, apricot, cherry, damson, fig, gage, plum, medlar, mirabelle, mulberry, nectarine, peach, pear and quince. Broadly speaking, he is able to source three to four of the best varieties of the these fruit trees. Recent customers include several prestigious UK forestry organisations from both government and private sectors and many land owners, fruit growers and gardeners across the United Kingdom. The company also has a list of international clients. Potash Farm welcomes groups from schools, colleges, universities and clubs who wish to learn about cobnut production in the modern rural environment.

Fruit Bushes and Fruit Trees

Our Feedback Just to say we were very pleased with our order that arrived last week. Lovely to see such well grown heathly young plants which were perfectly packaged. Thank you, we will definately order from you again. Elaine Nicholls, Cornwall. For an extra 'grow your own' element, why not introduce some fruit trees to your home growing venture?

Faversham Family Friendly.

Look, but don't touch: Our Isaac Newton trees are bearing fruit

Our Lovely Roses. By the time Easter comes we restock our Rose Courtyard with over a thousand roses. Our Celebration range of roses, roses for all occasions, make lovely gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. When the roses flower in summer the courtyard looks and smells wonderful. We have an acre growing area dedicated to our stock of trees and shrubs, so you can walk around and decide what is right for your garden. From Acers to Yews, we grow large specimen trees also smaller younger versions and architectural statement shrubs all suited to our local growing conditions.

Growing apple trees and other fruit trees in the UK climate

The apple that famously inspired Isaac Newton. Also known as Isaac Newton's Tree. This storied tree is vigorous and spreading, ideal for sitting under when preparing to make groundbreaking observations about the behavior of physical matter. It is a partial tip bearer and is susceptible to fireblight. Biennialism is not a reported issue with Flower of Kent, but it is an heirloom variety, and thinning is always a good idea in this case. The fruit is striped red over green, huge, and blocky; it probably falls with a distinct thud. A traditional English pie apple, the flavor is sub-acid and the soft flesh melts to a puree when baked.

Fruit trees, soft fruit, hedgerow fruits, herbs, veg plants grown here in nursery growing and selling out of the same space in Faversham in Kent.

Shopping in a supermarket, you could be forgiven for thinking there are only a handful of apple varieties — Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Cox's Orange Pippin and a few others are all you're likely to find on the shelves. Yet there are hundreds of types in many shapes, colours and sizes, with equally varied flavours and evocative names such as Lady's Finger of Lancaster, Peasgood Nonsuch and D'Arcy Spice. Growing passion: Hamid Habibi's orchards are home to a vast collection of fruit trees.

One of the physicists asked the question: What caused that apple to fall? She was speaking of the process that caused the tree to sacrifice the young apple, not the force that caused the fruit, once shed, to seek the center of the earth.The lost apple is only one of several that began growing on the Newton tree this spring and which must survive a long, hot, peril-filled summer in order to ripen. The two physicists, Marc Sher and Joshua Erlich, were instrumental in obtaining the trees — clones of the very tree that legend says inspired Isaac Newton to formulate his theory of universal gravitation.

Like so many rural enterprises nowadays, Brogdale Farm, a mile or so south of the pretty creekside town of Faversham, has had to diversify to survive.

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Brogdale Collections open for the Season. Brogdale Collections open for the Season Events Brogdale Collections has a full season of events planned forOur unique and fruit filled events hosted as ever to support education about and access to the National Fruit Collections. Our new Annual Pass — All Events offers great value for money.